Our Layouts

COMRC currently operates four layouts; two HO scale, one O scale and one Z scale. These layouts include our modular layout, which has been seen at the Ohio State Fair along with countless other events. We recently constructed our “Thomas” layout for use as a traveling exhibit along with an O scale display layout which is also utilized as a traveling exhibit. COMRC recently added a Z scale layout for use in presentations to various organizations throughout Ohio. These layouts are in full operation, unless the work crew is out. We are currently working on an N scale layout and invite any N scale enthusiast to join in on the fun. There are many more ideas and many more plans for extending our current operating capabilities. We also are restoring a 1940’s Circus Layout which features an animated Three Ring Circus in the middle of a S scale and O scale loop.¬†¬†Come connect with other modeling enthusiasts in the Columbus area. Couple things to remember; if you don’t have the room at home and/or your significant other won’t give you the green light; you can always come build and run your trains with the COMRC.

See you on Tuesday nights!!!